Watt’s Goals

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This year our School Improvement Goals are:


  • Our students will develop awareness of reading strategies and independently use all cues
  • Our students will build fluency and comprehension and demonstrate this thinking in their reading responses


  • Our students can deconstruct mathematical problems independently with accuracy and self-select actions (ie.e strategies, operations, tools, representations) to solve the task
  • Our students will develop automaticity in mental math
  • Our students will have a balance of conceptual understanding and proficiency in operations
  • Our students will check all work for reasonableness

How you can help our students at home…

  • Discuss what they are reading; ask questions about the characters, what they believe might happen and why, if they wrote the book would they choose a different setting and if so describe it
  • Quiz them on their math facts; adding / subtracting to 20, multiplication tables, counting money
  • When finished a math problem, ask them if the answer makes sense and why