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The purpose of Watt School Council is to enhance students’ learning through co-operative efforts of parents/guardians, students, staff, and the community. Council works collaboratively with the school community to identify and respond to the community’s educational needs. The council provides a forum for parents/guardians, students, and other community members to discuss education-related issues, be involved in developing strategies and solutions, and participate in making recommendations and decisions. It functions to encourage parents/guardians and community members to participate in education, thereby enhancing the development and experiences of students and others involved with Watt Public School (WPS). The goals of the Watt School Council are outlined in its constitution that is available at the school.

Parents/guardians wishing to have items discussed at a council meeting should contact the chair, any council member, or the school Principal prior to the meeting, if possible.

The membership of the council is composed of parents/guardians of any student presently enrolled in WPS, school representatives, and other community members.

Meetings of the school council are held quarterly and are open to all members of the school community. Dates and times are posted in each monthly newsletter and on the school’s website.

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