Proportional Thinking – Support your Child’s Learning at Home

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With lots of experience in making comparisons, your child will eventually progress to proportional thinking – that is, being able to make comparisons by using multiplication.

Qualitative comparison: “The adult is taller than the child”

Additive comparison: “The adult is 100 centimetres taller than the child.”

Multiplicative comparison: “The adult is twice as tall as the child.”

Help your child develop their proportional reasoning by looking for situations involving proportional thinking in real life. Have your child explain his or her thinking.

Some examples are:  Mr. Brown’s car lights are not working at full strength. They are dimming and losing 25% of their brightness. Should he drive at night? Why or why not?

Christina promises to help her sister with her paper route each day. Her sister said she’ll give her one quarter of her profits. Is this a good deal for Christina? Explain.

Incorporate proportional thinking when cooking or baking in the kitchen!  The possibilities are endless!