A Message from BMLSS to our Grade 8 Students:

Hello, Students!

The guidance department is looking forward to meeting you Monday at 2pm.  We will be hosting a Google Meet to go over course options for Grade 9, how to pick your courses using Powerschool, a discussion about pathways, and more.  It is extremely important that you attend.  All of the content will be posted on our website for you to go over with your parents. You can find the information here at: https://bml.tldsb.on.ca/grade-8-to-9/

Hello, Parents!

There will be a Q & A session on January 21st at 7pm. Unfortunately, this year everything will have to be virtual. A link to join the meeting will be coming soon. We are looking forward to meeting with you this way to provide information and answer any questions. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please let us know. You can contact us by email:

Surnames –

BMLSS 705.645.4496

Jenny Smith, works with students with surnames from A-K:  [email protected]  (or phone at Ext.31032)

Mark McGrath, works with students with surnames from L-Z:  [email protected]  (or phone at Ext. 31033)

Andrea Difebo, Head of Student Services: [email protected] (or phone at Ext. 31031)

Mark McGrath

Head of Guidance

BMLSS 100 Clearbrook Trail
705 645 4496